Student Applications

The osteopathic program that will open in Lahore in 2013/14 will be open to doctors and physiotherapists and other holders of a bachelor in health sciences. It is a part-time post-graduate program that consists of 6 5-day courses per year for 5 years, followed by a research project.

The program will be organized by the CEO in Montreal, which will send senior teachers from Montreal for each course. The CEO already has a network of 8 schools in Canada and Europe. Its program is validated by the University of Wales, in Great-Britain, allowing its graduates to obtain a B.A (hons) in osteopathy from this university.

You can find more information about the program on the CEO (Montreal) and CCO (Toronto) web-sites.  Candidates to the part-time program, holders of a bachelor of health sciences, should forward their CV, together with a letter of interest, to Syed Haider Ali.

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