Mission 2015

As we wish our friends in Pakistan and all Muslims a very soulful Ramadan, we are busy planning our Summer 2014 mission.

Our mission will take place in late August.  We will be in Gilgit-Baltistan the week of August 17, working in Nagar and some Gilgit hospitals, and in Lahore the week of August 24th.

In Lahore, we will return to FMS and SZH. Thank you to all who allow us to demonstrate osteopathy’s efficacy in hospital settings.

The weekly Osteopathy Day at FMH has been very successful, with our local osteopaths, Haider Ali and Usmara Zafar, treating patients from the community of Naimshuk.  A formal research study is about to start, measuring the global health improvement obtained with osteopathic treatments.

Our stay in Lahore will also be the opportunity to launch the Osteopathy Project, the local branch of OWB, which will have an osteopathic clinic and the opening of a local osteopathic college as its core mission.

Osteopathy is a medicine that reveres God’s miraculous intelligence in the body.  Nothing added, nothing taken away, just restoring the body mechanics to what God intended, so that function can be restore to its full vitality.

It is our privilege to contribute to osteopathy’s expansion and to the improvement of people’s ability to live healthier and fuller lives.

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