2010 Mission

The foundation Osteopathy Without Borders (OWB) was founded in 2007 to raise funds to train Pakistanis as osteopaths. Haider Ali and Usmara Zafar, physiotherapists in Lahore, have now finished their 3rd year, out of a 5-year part-time study program.

With only 2 years until they are done, and can become assistant-teachers of a Pakistani osteopathic school, we had to start being known more widely. Every year for the last 4 years our team members, who volunteered from the CEO in Montreal, worked one week at Shaik Zayed Hospital and one week in the remote mountainous Northern Areas, and presented at different hospitals in the main cities of the country. A drop in the ocean in a country of 180 million people. To reach a wider audience this year, we focused on media efforts, to introduce the idea of osteopathy to the population, and possibly inspire some of the youth to think of a career in osteopathy.

Download the full mission report

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