Haider Ali and Usmara Zafar present osteopathy to physiotherapists and students.

Haider and Usmara, now in their fifth year of osteopathic studies, proud leaders of osteopathy in their country, have given two presentations at universities this Fall.

As we continue to work at making the opening of osteopathic school in Pakistan a reality, bringing information to potential candidates to the program is essential.

On October 1st, they were invited by the physical therapy school at Faisalabad University.  Faisalabad is Pakistan 3rd largest city, 80 miles west of Lahore.

Their presentation was part of physio day celebration.
 They were invited to present osteopathic philosophy and chose to demonstrate correction of a 1st rib and muscle energy concept. They were pleased and impressed to have so many inquiries from the students. They were also able to meet with the dean of this recent and dynamic private university and share their experience with the teachers.

This past Saturday, on November 26th, they used the same material to present at Riphah International University in Islamabad.  There they addressed practicing physios and physios doing a transitional doctor of physiotherapy course.

During the 2 hour-event, that included time for an interesting question and answer period, attendees manifested great interest in the philosophy of osteopathy.

The director of the program, Dr. Asghar Khan, showed particular interest, as he had done his D.P.T. at A.T. Still University in the USA.

Haider and Usmara were thrilled to have this wonderful opportunity to present to colleagues coming from the each of the main cities of Northern Pakistan.

Thanks to such presentations, we hope more and more doctors and physiotherapists will realize how osteopathy can be a most useful tool to help restore health in their patients. Osteopathy can be used alone, or in combination with allopathic care, depending on conditions. It can greatly alleviate the burden of over-worked doctors by making patients better faster, and with long-term improvement in their own ability to maintain homeostasis.  It allows physiotherapists to be significantly more effective with their orthopedic patients, and open the range of diagnosis they can work with.

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