Benefits of Osteopathy

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual form of medicine or therapy that works to restore proper alignment and mobility to the body’s structure in order to improve its function.  It treats the body’s causes of dysfunction by normalizing fluid circulation and nerve conduction, which will restore the body’s innate ability to maintain health and balance.

Osteopathy uses precise palpation skills to identify and release restrictions in the body’s tissues.  Those can be caused by sustained compression (like during pregnancy or delivery) sudden impact (falls or accidents), inflammation or infection, surgery, or emotional trauma.

Osteopathy is most appreciated for its gentleness and its effectiveness in resolving or helping to resolve, among others:

  • musculo-skeletal disorders
  • neurological diagnosis
  • a range of internal medicine problems, including infections, pregnancy, fertility, migraines, sleep or digestive disorders, etc.

It is effective with seriously sick patients in hospitals or with people looking to improve their general health and fitness.

It very easily complements other forms of treatment, whether allopathic or natural.