Bringing osteopathy to developing countries, through yearly humanitarian missions and training.

Mission 2023

2023 Osteopathy Without Borders’ Mission to Rwanda 2023 saw a new chapter open for Osteopathy Without Borders, with a mission being organized in Rwanda. It was initiated by Robin Breger DO, a graduate of the CEO in Montreal, who worked in private practice Read more »

Our Vision

The Foundation was created to bring holistic health-care to developing countries, starting with Pakistan. Osteopathy has developed in the Western world as incomes have gone up, when professionals could invest in a long and demanding post-graduate training. Yet, as a low-cost, effective form of medicine, it can drastically reduce health-care costs. It is as such especially appropriate in developing countries that cannot afford allopathic care. That’s where OWB fills the gap, by providing funding for osteopathic training for local students..Read more »